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Cryptocurrency is an equal exchange, digital decentralised whose implementation is based on the principles of cryptography to validate transactions and currency itself generation. Like any digital currency, it allows you to make payments online safely.

The cryptocurrency implementations often use a proof-of-work scheme as a safeguard to digital counterfeiting.

They use peer-to-peer type technology (p2p) on networks whose nodes are computers of users scattered around the globe.

These computers run programs that perform specific functions of trips and requirements.

There is currently no central authority that controls them. Transactions and the issuance of criptocurrency happen collectively on the network, so there is a “centralized management”. These unique properties of its kind, can not be explicated by traditional payment systems.

Have been defined more than 30 different specifications and protocols cryptocurrency mostly similar or derived from the first cryptocurrency never implemented, the Bitcoin.

To date, all cryptocurrency are alternative currencies against the currencies with legal value.

Most cryptocurrency are designed to gradually introduce new currency unit, placing a ceiling on the amount of currency that is in circulation.

This is done either to mimic the scarcity (and value) of precious metals, both to avoid hyperinflation.

Compared with ordinary currencies managed by financial institutions, or kept as cash, the cryptocurrency are less susceptible to seizures by law enforcement. Existing cryptocurrency are all aliases that allow anonymity.

You get a cryptocurrency with the MINING.

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