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Do you know how much of their time people stay online ?



Hi and welcome to

Needless to say that if you are here today we have a lot in common.

But now I’m going to ask you a question.


I’ll tell you, more than a third of their lives. Yes!!! You got that right..

According to some studies made by many universities all over the world (online you can find everything) people spend more than one-third of their lives online, more than 60% via smartphones.

Actually, today, you have more chance to communicate online via social and web sites than face to face. 😉

But, thinking about it,  we don’t need large-scale research by university scientists to notice that,  let’s just have a look that when we need something today we open Google page right away.

Or just look the payment method. Today we pay everything online, even expense is now online and they deliver it to us the day and time we want. Only coffee, cigarettes and pizza we maybe pay with cash today. 😉

Even if in a few years time also this kind of payment will be digitised. I live in London and I pay almost everything with my IPhone. 😉

Today, a Facebook advertising campaign targeted in your area is worth more than three days of flyer on the street.

The consequence of all this is that today’s cash flow is bigger online than the old method. The most of the people today have learned doing things online and they took confidence in this, they easily find whatever they need and even with better service.

Amazon also sells medicines !!!!!

The real business squares today is online and who is out stays behind.

Digitall Money deepens all the steps about how to create business online and how create yourself online.

From the already-experienced digital marketer who will always find new updates on topics already he’s using to the beginner who realises that once created his own website there’s a lot of other capabilities who need to be developed.

Digitall Money was born out of my passion and intuition for a future which now is our present.

All the steps we studied and put into practice by me and my work-group are shared in a language suitable for anyone talking about all the aspects:

  • Problems we faced

  • How they’ve been solved

  • How we made profit

In order to avoid time losses and provide a clear, useful, consistent and always-updated training tool for those who follow us and read us.

Our fields are:

  1. The world of cryptocurrencies. Last few years are telling us everything. The already existing  and most used cryptocurrencies are the last frontier of payment , the digitisation of money and transactions. Confirmation is given by all major multinationals such as IBM who are investing billions of dollars on Blockchain’s development, the technology behind this and the real evolution of all that.

  2. Digitization ot the today economy. Updates, curiosity, news and developments on the transformation of today’s economy.

  3. Network Marketing. The NW joined the online world becomes stratospheric. Gasoline of this kind of marketing is the usual meetings and training in the city. This for us is a time and space limit. Try thinking about online platforms where to do presentations and training with thousands of people around the world at the same time. No space, distance and time limit. With the help of many global leaders of this industry, we share all the steps which made it possible for them to succeed. All of this was developed in a project called Network Marketing on Fire released and downloadable in volumes. We are now working on second volume. You can download for free the first one on this link.

  4. The tools and strategies to create your online business. The most useful and powerful tools to develop your online business. But most of all how to get them and how to make their best use. We will tell you mistakes to avoid (what we made 😉 ). In the online world if you don’t study, don’t train yourself and don’t put your ass on the chair for hours, you risk to put your shoes on before socks. We just share what we do so you can take inspiration avoiding to make next steps of your strategy in the wrong order.

  5. Our reviews on technology, tools and books. We just want to be an inspiration to new ideas for our readers.

  6. The winning state of mind to do all this. The right state of mind to all this is really really important. You can easily find a winner between thousand losers. With the collaboration of world global leaders of this industry, the MasterMind on Fire project was launched and released in volumes. The BIG of our era like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, etc….. theach us how important is in having the right mood to get your results.

Our goal is to continue to study, train, test and practice to share with who follows our results, but most of all how we have achieved them, explaining step by step our path by creating a community where anyone who can interact with anyone.

Example, a carpenter who wants to create his own online image from his website made by himself, to reach more people in his own city and perhaps he writes on our Facebook group or comments a post asking for information, and maybe he got answered by another carpenter who’s already found himself in the same situation . What better advice from one who has already done it?