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Evolution goes!! You want to be the one??




Evolution goes!!

I don’t deny that it took me a while to find “how” to write this post. Yes, because to explain in the right way of a person who wants to be able to make the most of the world we live sometimes using words is not so easy.

So, I state immediately that what you are going to read is only for those people who don’t sit on their hands, always looking for something and damn curious. Anyway, to be fair and for education i am telling you that if you don’t see yourself in what i wrote above, it would be just a waste of time.

Let’s go!!!

STEP 1 – Be a chess player

Therefore, without spending useless words, all of us are watching how the world is changing and especially how it changed.
We read books from a tablet, payments are made from a phone, you don’t even need to go to a supermarket anymore to do some expense just because you can also do that on line right now e you can find a job on social networks.

And if we were able to know how it will be ?

Try to think when Ronald Wayne, business partner of Steve Jobs in 1976 wanted to have back his 10% of Apple for $ 2300 all because he thought the company would never have had a future.

Right now that 10% is worth 70’000’000’000$, YES!!! you got that right, seventy billion dollars.

Of course no one can predict the future, but a question however raises to me.

Why has Steve Jobs never given up on his own way despite failure and doors closed?

Of course when everything is done everyone is able to say “HE DID WELL !!”, but all ideas, intuitions, problems, mistakes, change of directions he had to go trough that he only can know.

This is to let you understand how much it costs being ignorant and how much knowledge can give and believe me i am not talking about scientific one.

As Steve Jobs who has not even been a great engineer.

But i mean knowledge of life, of people, of knowing how it will go just following needs of people, the facilities a new service can give, trends, knowing of what the world will have need to, from the utility an app can get to what an electric engine can bring to our environment.

This whole evolution is bringing in our lives an incredible movement to the economy and to the employment, generating new job opportunities.

70% of the jobs today never even existed 20 years ago. As in 20 years from now there will many more different jobs.

Have a look on app developers, websites, bloggers, designers, personal shoppers, youtubber, internet advertising, e’commerce ( real on-line mall actually ) and so on and so forth. ( regard this i will write dedicated post really soon )

So, as a chess player which he is always ready foreseeing the moves of his opponent, be a chess player and you are always ready.

Remember CARPE DIEM!!!, when an opportunity is gone, is gone!!

STEP 2 – Be ready

So ladies & gentleman, BE READY AND DON’T MISS ANYTHING!!
Get information, read, ask, study, jump, get in the game, challenge yourself.
Go out, attend classes, events, conferences, learn, meet people everywhere and grow, grow and grow.
Remember that the incompetence makes you out.
But mostly, get a succesful group and get a winning mentor which he will guide you.Surround yourself with winning people and you will be a winner.
Sorround yourself with loser and you will be a loser.
We can know who we are from people we hang out with.Who keeps company with the wolves will learn to howl.  😉

STEP 3 – Be damn curious!!!

And then the real silver bullet is be curious.

YES’!! Damn Curious!!

Curiosity is a sign of intelligence!

Curiosity is that thing that you have or you don’t. But if you have it will make you pry everywhere, enriching you of expereince, personal relationship and knowledge.

That knowledge who will make you understand giving you the edge and making you able to take your place in all these opportunities which the technological evolution is bringing.

These are the 3 main properties to stay ahead and if you are not a person who wants to be behind the scenes, ACTION!!!!

People never stop own the world.

Properties with many different facets which we will see in the future in articles, more email for you, post and e-book always updated on

Who doesn’t train, STOPS!

Help us to grow, S?HARE!!!