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Idea – If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine: it is lethal!



What do you really want to do??


       If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal..        

                                           Paulo Coelho



This beautiful aphorism of Paulo Coelho is one of my laws of life and it outlines one of the biggest problem of the life today, specially the youngest which sometimes i hear them saying I WANT TO DO…. , I WOULD LIKE TO BE….. , ETC……

Go big and you will be big, we are what we do, so you don’t do you won’t be.

So, if you are a person does not sit on his hands and busting his hump to get what he wants this is the perfect email choosen for you, so don’t miss a word of it!! 😉

Believe me, it will inspire you!!!

Let’s go!!

STEP 1 – Keep a clear head!! 

Who could never follow you if you don’t even know where to go ??

OMG!!! I hear people who talk talk and talk and then do not complete anything. Some of them who still say “I wanted to be an astronaut” !!! OMG !! Cristiano Ronaldo when he was 6 he already knew that he would have been a soccer player, he had it in his bones !!!! When you’re sure about what you really want to do you’ve just got another gear!!!  😉
But let’s face it, who really knows what he wants to do in life?
Today, most of the people do not know what they actually want and victim of the system they end to live a life decided by others.

To clear your head and speeding up here’s 3 very simple questions but very effective:

1) What are your strengths?
Obviously you don’t have to build on your weaknesses otherwise you are going to fail two days later, but rather on your strengths. Bill Gates didn’t make clothes and Dolce & Gabbana didn’t make computers. So what are you attracted to?  What would you be inexhaustible for?

2) How do you make better?
Example, the wrongest thing to me would be stay in an office morning to evening…. blahhhh!!!! Same people,meetings, environment, all day. All of this would close my brain, all my ideas, my creativity. After all we all are 1, no one, 100, 1000, everyone is made in his own way. You and only you can find what is better for you. There is who loves travel, who loves work in a team, etc…. only you can know what can makes you effective and efficient….

3) What are your values? What makes you enjoy?
Put your values in what you do  and avoid what to you is not worth anything. Example, there is someone who’s collaborating with politician, i hate politician. You have to watch your face in the mirror, i don’t know you know what i mean. Be proud of what you are doing and of who is taking part to your projects.

STEP 2 – Schedule

The losers have goals, winners have the system.

Many have goals, but the difference stays in the way one can achieve it!!!

Ideas have to be planned. Ideas so ‘far-fetched are worth nothing. Therefore, planning, evaluating, informing, documenting, competence and stretch your project. Be prepared !!!!

Set yourself a goal!!!, be able to look yourself from the outside, be objective, rational and realistic.

The reality is what we’ve got in front of our eyes not which one we feel.

We are obliged to be different, to be ‘smarter nowadays. Identify the psychological aspect of your kind of customer/consumer/user. Think about his questions/needs.

Development of your idea is your system, what will make you different from all the other thousands of ideas and projects, which will make you able to get out from the crowd.

Therefore, once you understood your winning idea, you need to find and create his path, considering all the field which you will be in and taking advantages from all possible channels, visualising your goal. Never hesitate and never be afraid.

STEP 3 – Idea / Project / Reality

Ideas remaining ideas even when they’ve benn developed on paper. So, once you turned your idea into a project you need to bring it to the reality to create what we all want, PROFITS.

The best way I know to monetize an idea is its knowledge. More people know your product more opportunities you have to make PROFITS.

In order to get this, the best tool I know is the COMMUNICATION and today the best way to be able to get anywhere without limits is INTERNET. YES!!!! Online you can get where you want.

Take our example, Digitall Money comes from a 10 year experience with BitCoin.

But we are entrepreneurs with great humility and fortunately damn realistic and we wanted to reach hundreds of thousands people around the world. is responsible for disseminating the knowledge, the opportunity but above all the training of its members, leaders and with them we form our future. Surround yourself with winners and you will be a winner.

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