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network marketing contact list

network marketing contact list

Measure your success from contacts list

Here we are!! Now I can let it out !!

In this post you will find all concepts to practice, or to improve in case you are already a Networker, the first step to be A PROFESSIONAL, the CONTACTS LIST.

Let’s go !!

Network Marketing Contact list

STEP 1 – Do you really know so many people?

So, avoiding many useless “blabla” let’s get straight to the point. To start an activity of Network Marketing and get results, like any profession you need to learn some skills. The first of these in fact is the Contacts List. Mandatory first step, there is nothing to do!!!, without an active list of contacts you will never be anyone in Network Marketing. You’ve got it right!!!! No one at all; or at least with poor results.

People when they begin their business in Network Marketing they usually are split in 3 types.

THE FAKES. These are those people who unfortunately would not succeed even doing an O with a glass :)))))))
They think Network Marketing is easy money ( perhaps because some companies pass it off as easy money ) and they make a mental list of 4\5 friends and start presentations here and there absolutely with no criteria. Absolutely not!!!!!!

To be honest, being a professional and as a successful person I assume to be like this because I’m aware how important humanity is. After all we all are human and the communication who is the basis of marketing can only exist because we are people.

So with the humility which i am luckily gifted i always try to go
beyond into people helping them to pull out all the their best, with training, study and motivation.

A leopard cannot change its spots.

So, we always are our own boss and wasting time will always be losing money.

THE OCCASIONAL. These start with pen and paper and draw up an first list of 100 people they know. The first step is “clearly” the right one but they end up running out of contacts after short time and with this their negative thinking begins too and their activity inexorably goes to inactivity. A negative attitude always get anyone away from you. Unconscious of people will feel that from miles away. So, believe in yourself and always go on your way with POSITIVITY.

THE PROFESSIONALS. Just a moment, snapping my fingers, some stretching and let’s get started again!!!

So, the Pro takes pen and paper, pc, Ipad and begins to write all people he knows, but really anyone; even those he didn’t meet for a long time, those who are unpleasant, those he just met once, the gym’s friends, colleagues, children, young, old, all those people that you think are not suitable for Network, EVERY PERSON you saw even only once since you were has to be on your list.

STEP 2 – Only 6 contacts away from the world

Never heard about that saying who says  ” WE ALL ARE ONLY CONTACTS AWAY FROM THE WORLD “?

I wish to state that I am not one who believes in legends but i have to give a sense to that. The concept is into the 6 levels. The first is already on your list. Now try to think about people that your first level people know; here you go, that is your second level and so on. I bet you already know more than an half of those second level people,  friends of friends, etc ….
Contacts will rise into your mind so clearly and so quickly to reach even 1000 contacts in one way.

STEP 3 – Go out and meet more ‘people as possible as you can!!

Complete to read the post and its steps on the final guide. You can download that for free down here in its first volume. You’re gonna have it ready to read offline on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

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network marketing contact list