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network marketing follow up

network marketing follow up

Are you in the situation where your presentations end up in a flop most of the occasions ?

Aren’t your guests impressed and they are not involved by a great business really is instead ?

No prob mate !!!!! I’ve had same prob long time ago. I got busy and i observed all of the user mental processes and i found out that’s normal !!!!!
In this post you will find everything what you lack and this will help you to drastically increase the closing rate of your presentations.

Let’s go!!

Network Marketing follow up


We are psychologically attracted and encouraged to people who have respect for themselves. Other human prerogative for exceptions.

We saw the invitation process and most of all when you plan the next call. Specially, you got 3 or 4 YES. So, you know that the person will take a commitment to do what he confirmed to you 3 times. Be on time and do what you’ve agreed with him, not late and not early.

This behaviour is a safe and necessary component if you want to reach the top of the company you’re working for.

Conclusion, respects your time, the agreements and the time of the others. If you don’t, you will definitely lose your candidate.


STEP 2 – Schedule your second appointment/call

Unfortunately most of first-time Networker ( if we want to call them like this ) with little education tend to lot of presentations thinking and aiming to immediately close with “WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT? WHAT ABOUT THIS?”.


Remember the concept of educating the candidate. People usually need from 4 to 6 presentations / meeting / viewing material / video to make the registration.

Education is just to make people process and to help them understand the benefits, to their involvement with the team giving them the opportunity to find their fellow clutching collaborations, to identify themselves in the team etc …. All of this could never happen in a single presentation !!!!

So, at the end of the presentation you keep the process alive preparing the next one and more and more until the candidate takes a decision. Until the time he will be ‘ready !!

Let’s make a really salient examples.

At the end of the presentation or a call after the candidate he had a view regarding material you gave to him


First question to ask

What did you like best?”

This powerful question immediately brings them in a positive direction and it gives you the signals on their level of interest.

It only brings positive concepts of your project to their mind and most of all things they liked. If they tell you, “the product”, then your next explanation will focus on the product. If they say, “financial freedom” then your next explanation will be more focused on the opportunity. What they will tell you will be the point which you will focus on later. There’s nothing easier than this, that’s all in getting as much signals as possible .


Second question to ask:

On a scale of interest from 1 to 10 where 10 means ” I’AM READY TO START THIS BUSINESS RIGHT AWAY !! ” where are you right now ?

With this question, everything over the one is OK. They are saying that they’ve got some interest. Most of the time you’ll get a five or a six. We will see in detail this step in the next email “THE CLOSURE” how to make them get to 10.

The concept I want you to catch in this email is that if he is not ready right now , just schedule your next presentation, webinar or training session right away. If you don’t have a hook anymore and you will lose him. Even if you will call him back you’ll still be inappropriate or in any case he will see it as an attempt to someone who needs him, while you are the one who’s rising, the one who has a bomb in his hands and with him or without him you will keep going on your way, “he is” the one is losing a chance which it will never happen again to him.

Not being ready to make a decision or not having time to read the given material  (in case you make a call) does not mean that the contact is lost, indeed, that’s normal, it is just part of the process and professionals know how to handle every probability. Just show yourself understanding and schedule next appointment / call. You are educating and helping to understand. I saw colleagues say almost annoyed “AH! I THOUGHT YOU HAD SEEN THE MATERIAL WHEN YOU HAD SAID YOU WOULD!!!!”.

Needless to say what happened with those people. Inevitably without closures or new members.

STEP 3 – Be patient, it takes time!!!

Complete to read the post and its steps on the final guide. You can download that for free down here in its first volume. You’re gonna have it ready to read offline on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

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network marketing follow up