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network marketing invitation

network marketing invitation

So!!!  Did you made your contacts list ?? How many contacts have you reached the last week ??
Always remember that your list has to be active, every new person you meet has to go on your list. More new people you know, quicker your list will be growing up your list every day and of course we know that more names your list has and more chance you’ve got to create a team with stratospheric bases.

Let’s go!

Network Marketing Invitation

STEP 1 – Don’t hunt, but build and educate!

Unfortunately,  most of people who start a Network Marketing activity seek to hunt and propose the business to every person they know with no criteria, resulting boring. You don’t be interesting and you are not making curiosity in them. Inexorable consequence, the people you know will be starting to avoid you. But the most absurd point is that unfortunately this thing, most of the time is always recommended by the sponsor, dragging you into a total failure. Absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Success in network marketing is only given by the duplication phenomenon ( go to the post ). Your team follows what you do and not what you say, then, if you’re wrong your whole team will go as if you will do the right things your team will make the right things, creating a real empire of thousands of people in constant duplication.

Therefore, to be hunter does not lead anywhere except on the wrong track, more you try to get close and more people get away,  like two equal poles of two magnets. I made the same mistake in my beginnings 15 years ago.
After a couple of years of failures, I started to observe and absorb from those who already had done, by those who already had been successful, by leaders, by people who already won. These people did not hunt but they were building relationships with people, they earned their trust, warmed and kept their relationship warm and when the possible candidates were ready to listen and understand what they had to offer they did. Wait for the right moment.

STEP 2 – Use the media

When the person is ready to listen what you have to offer just take action inviting him to have a look, a first approach.

Always remember, YOU OFFRI SOLUTIONS !!!! ALWAYS!!!!!
We’ll see this notion later.

The first invite can be meant in several ways:

1) Invitation to a presentation one-to-one or two-to-one with a member of your team. In this case opt for an environment with distractions minimised
2) to a telephone conversation
3) a group presentation (always opt for an environment with distractions minimised,  a house for example is perfect)
4) meeting or business/company events. Remember that the interpersonal interaction is a key component when you have to build trust or transfer a belief
5) an online live presentation with other team members who have other guests. Better known as on-line meetings
6) invite them to watch a video

Point 5 and point 6 are very powerful, useful and effective as you can make a lot more presentations and invite much more people in the same time.

We are in the digital era with the support of different communication tools, so let’s take advantages from them to get maximum results.

Digitall Money precisely focuses on constant research of the best way to communicate online, trying to have more and more results with effort as little as possible.  “SMALL INVESTMENTS BIG RETURN”. This is only possible online. From this our name. All what we reach , we post and share with article, guides, tips, training, pdf and e-books. Soon we will start a daily videos program (Youtube and Facebook) and video courses.

STEP 3 – The action of an effective invitation

Quickly summarising the two key points that you must forge on the skin and make them become always part of you, in this amazing business and in your life.


Remember that we are not sharks, we have to educate people to evaluate what we have to offer and to understand that solutions / improvement can bring to their lives. Only in this way they will grow on your team by duplicating the operating system that you taught them . This is what it means to be a leader.
In every other way if they will become part of your team after short time they will turn off, stopping the duplication, mandatory phenomenon for reaching goals in Network Marketing.


Be yourself, confident, strong and laugh !!! 4 highly contagious characteristics and always expose everything as a solution and something who can bring added value to people’s lives.

1 Action in 8 simply steps

Step 1 : Be in a rush!!! 

Psychological and mental prerogative and statistically proven that people are more attracted to the busy and in a hurry ones. In this case they act in a respectful way regarding you and your time without doing a lot of questions by accepting the invitation.

Example :

You: “Hi Marco, listen,  it’s been two days that I want to give you a call but between a thing and another one I never found the time. Time is really short. Listen, i want to see you that i need to talk to you.  Is tomorrow around 6.00 pm in that place ok ? 

N.B. ( time and place always need to be decided by you, you are that one is busy, confident and determined. The place too always need to be decided by you because you need a place where you can talk and he can carefully listen, not a place where he can lose his attention every two seconds as places messed up with noise and lot of people )

If he says he can’t , you always have to be busy but still showing you available by easily finding a solution as soon as possible.

You: “No prob Mark, then let me see if I have a  hole,  day after tomorrow I can’t, let’s do in two day then always around 6.00 pm and in that place  ”

Remember fluidity and availability while you are showing you busy, confident and determined.

Step 2: Complimented

A true compliment can triple chance of success of your invitation. But be careful, you must really be HONEST, not inappropriate and with a normal tone of your voice / composed / sedate / soft.

Example :

You: “How’s your job going?

Candidate: “We’re struggling but turnover is growing”

You: “How’s your annual turnover?”

Candidate: ” We’ll be around 1 million this year against 800 thousand last year”

You: “Well, congratulations, you clearly are on the right track, you are working hard but you’ve got good results, good for you!” ( see that??? the compliment is clean, appropriate and most of all coherent )

Step 3: Invite him

Here we are divided into three types of approach.

1) Direct


Direct approach is being used with people we already know well. So, we will already know which points we have to touch. Those closest to us. And now that we have learned that the secret is giving solutions to needs and problems we know where to aim.

N.B. Remember, to have thousands of people who follow you,  the most important thing is ” YOU NEED TO BE USEFUL”.

You don’t have to be inappropriate with kind of phrases like  ” i’ll make you rich ” or ” I’ve got the business of the century “, etc …. Unless you are a famous and influential person no one will listen or follow to you and without trust you doesn’t even start the conversation.

Examples :

You : “When you told me (I hate my job, I need more money, i want a new home, etc.) you were serious or you were you just kidding? ” (They say always that they were serious) ” Great! I think I found a way for you to … (get to that, fix it, make this happen) ”

You : “I think I found a way who will allow us to increase our cash flow

You : “Still looking for a job ? I found a way to start a great business together without any risk.

You : “Let me ask you a question. If there was a business that you can start from home even part time that could abundantly replace  your full time job income, could you be interested in?


People you know but not really well, people you catch a glimpse of ,  maybe to a coffee shop, to the gym, etc …


You :

  • Have you ever thought about diversifying your income?
  • Are you keeping new options for your career open ?
  • Are you always planning to do what you are doing for your whole career?

You can follow these examples for cold potential candidate. On every change with the following: “I have something you might be interested. Now is not the time to explain it, but …”

2) Indirect

This is another really powerful tool to help people to overcome their natural first resistance and educating them to listen to what we have to offer.

Asking for help, an advice and indirectly they will help you and a curiosity feeling will automatically grow in them. Everything happens at a unconscious level without them notice that. Actually i think the knowledge of this tool is the most powerful thing we have in our hands.


Examples :


  • I just started a new business and I’m really nervous. Before i seriously get it on I need practising with someone friendly. Would you mind if I practice with you? “ (This is a great approach to friends and family).
  • I found a business who intrigues me a lot. You have so much experience. Would you give it a look for me?  So you can let me know if I’m ‘doing the right thing? “(This is perfect for businessmen or those who are thinking themselves already on top)
  • A friend told me that the best thing if I were to start a business is to take some people I know and respect showing them the project so that they can give me a tip. Would you be willing to do such a thing for me ?
  • The business I belong certainly is not for you, but I wanted to ask you who do you know  who is ambitious, motivated by money and can get excited about the idea of adding more revenue (cash flow) to their lives?
  • Who do you know who might be looking for a solid business that can be run from home?
  • Who do you know who might be in a phase of significant shortfall with his business and wants to diversify their income?
  • My company is expanding into your area and i am looking for capable people who are interested in having additional income. Do you know someone who match that description? “

In most cases they will ask you more information before even giving you names (behind these requests you created curiosity and intrigue, they start to think that it can do for them, even if they still don’t admit that).

Cold :

When you meet someone from another city, state or country, if your company is already present in that place,  you can say:

You : “My company is expanding in your area. Would you do me a favour to give it a look and let me know if you think it might be working where you live?

When you meet someone who could give you some good input on your product/service, you can say:

You : “I started a business with a product/service that I think it makes much sense, but I’d like to have your opinion. Would you be willing to give it a look and give me your opinion?

Where they cask you for more information you can go to step 4.

Step 4: If I …. Would you….?

Another psychological and mental prerogative. This powerful question touches 3 very important mental factors, purely unconscious.

1) reciprocity. You will do something if they will do something. By human beings, we designed to respond in a positive way to this kind of situations

2) you have control. You’re not asking for anything, just a valid exchange

3)  you get consideration and respect by giving value to what you have. Just because you give it to him only if they will do something in return.

Example :

You: “If I gave you a video, would you give it a look?

You: “If I invited you to a presentation / webinar / conference call invitation you Would you be joining us?

N.B. Never force him, pray or this kind of bullshit. You don’t need him, you only have a bomb on your hands and it would be really stupid for him not to take it.

Step 5: 1 * Confirmation: take a time commitment

You asked, “If I, would …” and 99 out of 100 the answer will be “yes”.

” When do you think you can watch the video / link?

Don’t suggest a time and wait for an answer.

The question makes them think their commitments. In other words, it makes it real.

When you manage to get a precise time commitment, it starts to be real. The only thing who matters is that they say an exact time. No matter what the time is. Let them think of their agenda and that they tell you when they will be able to view the material. Approximately 90% of the time, you’ll get an answer. The remaining 10% of the time will remain vague, saying something like this, “I’ll try to do it one of these days“. If they respond like this then tell him, “I won’t be wasting your time not even mine. Why don’t we already schedule an appointment  when you can 100% for sure see the material?

Remember that at this point, at the steps 4 they have already told you that they will have a view. You just have to confirm the right time.

The secret in all this is that they have already told you YES twice, the first one when they answered to the question “If I do, Would you …” and the second one when you received a precisely temporal commitment to have a view.

It’s not time yet to give him the material. You need the second confirmation.

Step 6:

Complete to read the post and its steps on the final guide. You can download that for free down here in its first volume. You’re gonna have it ready to read offline on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

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