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network marketing objections

network marketing objections

Have you ever found yourself to close a presentation and losing people you had in front of you just because you didn’t know how to answer to their questions and objections?

Or, finding yourself nearly to close but your candidate, being not sure, escaping from you ?

It can only be for 2 reasons :

  1. presentation not enough efficient 
  2. you haven’t done right questions 

Yes! Just because you have always remember that ” Who answers, leads ! ” .

Regarding problem number 1 go right now to devour point number 3 ” The Presentation ” of the manual Network Marketing on Fire Vol. 1. ( go to the post )

If you already read it and you already implemented in the right way, you problem definitely is the Closure.

This is the perfect post picked for you.

In the next words you’ll read about why it happens and how to prevent all this.

The secret stays into communicate, listen e ask, putting your candidate in his ease and making trust between you two.

Come on!!! I don’t want to waste your time…

Let’s go!!

Network Marketing Objections

STEP 1 – Educate to understand

After you did your presentation you need to know what your candidates liked best, where they will have questions and objections.

An other human prerogative. It’s just the most normal thing in the world and they do that for two reasons :

  1. Look smart 
  2. Don’t look too easy 

It’s really important the way you answer. The outcome of your presentation stays in this moment.

A thing you’ll never have to do is :

  1. Reacting being aggressive as you will make them go away from you
  2. Be defensive as you’ll look insecure sowing only doubts

Feel sure a relax about what you have in your hands.

Feel sure and relaxed about yourself regarding what you’ve got in your hands. Your target is to educate to understand, that’s it. We are helping a blind to see and a deaf to see, of course figuratively speaking… 😉

Their questions and objections are just helping you to understand where you have to bring them.

You will also learn to be a really good listener.

To be able to better show you some examples of objections you’ll get you need to know that your candidates/guests are divided by two categories :

  1. Those who have lack of self-confidence 
  2. Those who have a little knowledge about Network Marketing and we all already know that we always are afraid of what we don’t know


STEP 2 – Empathy is the secret

The key of everything is empathy, making people empathise with you just because you saw with their eyes and you thought with their minds.

Imagine if i were to answer you :

I know, look, i really understand you just because same thing happened to me and i asked myself same questions. But, here what i did…. what i found out… ”

In a way or in another you already feel yourself closer to me,  connected, you’ve felt us similar, we’ve got something in common. After that there’s a beginning of a rapport, a contact, an approach, we are and we work in the same side.

A principle of trust and openness, but most of all you are more ready to listen my advice or whatever i have to say you.

Then, let’s go to practice !!!

1. Those who have lack of self-confidence

The most common objections are:

  1. I don’t have money
  2. I have no time
  3. It’s not for me
  4. I am not a seller
  5. I don’t know people
  6. I’m too young / old
  7. I don’t have enough experience

  8. Unfortunately many sponsors teach to attack answering with:

” Are you out of money? Are you paying your bills, your car, you have a smartphone, you have internet?? Of course you’ve got money !!!!!

Needless to say  how the outcome went . 😉

Reply using empathy by telling your experiences.

When they tell me that they have no money I always describe my experience.

I understand very well ‘just because I’ve been there and I even struggled to pay my bills. But at that point of my life I said to myself, or I keep going on banging my head against the wall every end of month with the same problems or starting to get busy, to do something to grow and change things. Here I am after three years, I wanted more from my life. I found a way and I made a decision. Let me ask you a question. If you had really found this a chance for you, would you find a way to make it possible?

90% of responses will be ayes. You used their own objection, they see that you felt exactly how they feel in this specific situation. In that moment you two are tied with the same goals.

Obviously, take it as an example. What you have to understand and feel is the concept of empathy that I used. So take this concept and adapt it at the situation.

If you haven’t a similar experience in that situation, well,  what to say, be creative !!!!

The emotions you have to create are those to make people feel themselves in the same way you felt.

2.Those who have a little knowledge about Network Marketing and we all already know that we always are afraid of what we don’t know

We gonna have fun now……

Let’s assume that, unfortunately many companies who having made an incorrect work have dirtied this industry, consequently to those who really do not know its opinion too.

Let’s start to list the most common ones :

  1. It’s a Multi Level
  2. It’s a pyramid scheme
  3. This is Network Marketing
  4. I don’t want to bother people I know
  5. How much do you earn
  6. …..                                                                                                                                                    

Question 1 and Question 2.

99% of people who does this kind of questions knows someone who has done NM without any good results and because he’s rightly so’ sceptical about easy money.

In fact, the NM is not for all, it doesn’t give easy money and by the profession which it is, we need to study and learn. What you’re doing now in Digitall Money.

Since there will be a little mistrust, answer with an interested tone:

Oh! What happened? Have you already had a Network Marketing experience?

  1. If they say YES they will tell you about their negative experience, opening themselves bringing down their defences and giving you the opportunity to ask more questions.

Basically,  where there was closing-minds, now you’ve got conversation, relationship.

Always remember that who asks, leads.

The conversation will continue in this way:

  • You: “Which reason do you think is regarding your failure?
  • Them: “I thought ….” “I had no time …” “A friend of mine had told me that …” “I was thinking more people subscribing ….” etc …
  • You: “Do you think you’ve devoted proper attention to it?
  • Them: “No, not really
  • You: “Do you think the problem was Network Marketing or do you think that maybe the problem was that the time dedicated to it was not enough?

At 99% of all people answer “time”. You noticed that, what i did is nothing more than making him see reason. He is now more available to listen. I actually educated him.

On pyramid scheme objection, I simply always answer saying that the pyramid scheme is illegal and i would never get involved by something illegal.

2. If they answer NO, based on what they answer just use the first group process.

Question 3. “This is Network Marketing”

You: “Yes, it’s about Network Marketing. What do you know about it?

The answer you’ll get will be one of those we’ve already talked about above. So,  always make questions until you reach the goal of educating to understand.

Question 4. “I don’t want to bother the people I know”

You: “What makes you think that you will be bothering your friends? If I showed how to share what we do, not bothering anyone with sales sense,  would that be helping ?

Question 5. “The gains”

Just be honest and make examples of colleagues if you need.

A lot of practice. Everything will be really easier but most of all natural and you will also get amazing results. Teach and train your team to do the same and share. 😉

STEP 3 – Help to take the right decision

Complete to read the post and its steps on the final guide. You can download that for free down here in its first volume. You’re gonna have it ready to read offline on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

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network marketing objections