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network marketing presentation

network marketing presentation

Have you ever found yourself not interested in what a person was presenting?

Or maybe finding yourself presenting something but you felt yourself unconfident and inefficient on what you had to say (or how you were saying/doing)?

Years ago, in the beginning of my career I was in the same situation, until tired, ambitious and wanting to achieve my goals at all costs they made me change, study and learn from the great communicators, sharpening my senses and creating emotional and touching presentations, which it goes in and strikes people i have in front of me, whatever i say. In a few words i learnt to communicate by helping people’s mind to understand.

In this email/resource I realised you can find out the key points of ” How to make a presentation ” which they go to trigger feelings of the people in front of you, bringing them wherever you want or at least to give value to your product.

Let’s go !!


STEP 1 – Problems ??? No prob, “I got something for you”

So, assuming this platform was created to train you, member of my team Digitall Money in Coinspace ( which you can use it how and when you want to train your team members ) which you’ve already got a lot of business tools online like video presentations, slides, etc …

Of course now you’ll say, ” So, why do i need to read this email? to waste my time? !

Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your business is made by you, by your level of awareness and your training.

Finding yourself to introduce the project, the market and the company you need to refine some skills. The so-called Personal Growth. So, in addition to grow your business, YOU will grow !!! And this is priceless!!!.

If you think about, to know how to present is really really helpful throughout.

In a conversation, writing, but most of all, notice that,  we now live to communicate, social media, online, web, advertising, email, posters, think about how many people you can reach carrying them wherever you want. There are no limits to what you can create.

Let’s get started !!

  • What do people are attracted from? 
  • Which situation makes them say YES?
  • What gives them satisfaction?

Think about it,

  • What would you say yes to?
  • What would you be attracted from to desire something?

I’ll tell you what, solutions, useful staff and most of all from the comfort. The comfort is just a simple consequence of the first two. 😉


POINT 1 – Locate needs to build perfect solutions and to make perfect presentation touching the right points

Once identified needs you can create and present a solution. In short, we give what the person in front of us wants.


POINT 2 – Create solutions

Stop !!! There’s nothing else to say, the only two things we have to focus to are those ones.. Ahahahahahahah!!!!

It happened to me to read thousands of pages’ books and learn nothing. I refrained from saying vulgarities because sometimes I just pissed off. I will definitely do into the next videos where i will be covered from a BEEP  ;)))))

I can not even mention titles and names because I personally know some of them, so I don’t want lawsuits and whatnot, but when our reserved group will be ready i will be informing you about them just to save your time….. 😉

Obviously, these two points have some aspects who need to be carefully observed. It is gonna be mind-blowing!!!!!

STEP 2 – What do people want?

I will summarise everything in:

2 points, 7 stages, 6 features and a really useful example.


STAGE 1 – Have you ever found yourself ….
Features: Reciprocity/Identification – get a YES – Liking – Evidence

To understand concepts in all their essence i will make the example of when Steve Jobs presents the first iPhone. A single speech divided into seven stages.

Jobs: “Have you ever found yourselves using a mobile phone with all those really uncomfortable buttons like Nokia ??”

Just brilliant!! It puts himself at the same level of the people stay in front of him and puts them at the same one of him.

He makes the crowd identify with him, they’ve got the same problem, then something in common who activates and raises the immediate attention of the public who waits nothing else than Jobs continues.

So reciprocity, get a Yes and Liking. I don’t even explain what reciprocity is because it already says everything by itself and if you don’t know just get a dictionary.

I will explain instead ” get a Yes ” and ” liking ” phenomena. ;)))

Human prerogative of all.

We are psychologically programmed to follow someone we told yes to about something who concerned us ( just notice the Nokia’s question which we all answered YES ) and then by identifying ourselves in who’s talking, we are automatically attracted by this, we like that and the human being is just influenced by those he likes. Finally, the principle of the Evidence.

People tend to follow the crowd and Jobs has already touched a concept everyone understood. People don’t want to be out or stay behind, so if everyone will do something ( or having the same problem as in this case ), people will follow those people.


1) Locating common needs of your business, ask people
2) Identify yourself with them so that they can identify with you
3) Make the right questions to get the answers you want, in this case the YES
4) Always remember that, it will always easier make us to do something if we already said yes

STAGE 2 – Me/ We too ….
Features: Reciprocity ‘/ Identification – Liking

Jobs: “ We in Apple too ….”

STAGE 3 – This is my story …
Features: Reciprocity ‘/ Identification – Liking

Jobs: ” thousand problems and difficulty with all those buttons, you couldn’t do anything …”

STEP 3 – Simply by what they want


STAGE 4 – …

Complete to read the post and its steps on the final guide. You can download that for free down here in its first volume. You’re gonna have it ready to read offline on your smartphone, tablet or pc.

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I’ll give you a hug and see you soon. 😉 Lot of stuff is coming….

network marketing presentation