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RICH : In the drawer a surprise of £800K.


The incredible ( lucky ) story  of a Norwegian student who had bought (and forgotten) $ 27 of Bitcoin. In six years their value has risen to 800,000$.In 2009 he bought $ 27 of Bitcoin for his doctoral thesis in computer encryption, and had not used them. Now that wee investment is worth $ 800,000.

In the drawer a surprise of £800K.

The English magazine Metro in an article telling the incredible story of Kristoffer Kock, Oslo young student, who in recent years had completely forgotten about the purchase of those criptocoins. The surprise came when, after the Bitcoin boom around the world, was able to regain his virtual wallet password on his virtual account there were over 5,000 bitcoins, for a real value of over $ 800,000.“I thought I was buying fake money”.

He tells the young man: “I buy a lot of technological objects that I never had time to use, and even when I bought the bitcoin I was convinced to buy fake money.” Money that is unlikely to be used: the young computer was able to use some of the bitcoin to buy a house, but complains about not being able to spend it all because they are still very few activities that can pay with cryptocurrency.