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Want to decide for your future? Bill Gates will teach you how

This post will explain to you the essence and the power of Network Marketing,

another essential piece of your training.

With this article you will understand that you have no limits, mandatory awareness if you want to go over everything and become really great at what you do. So read it all.

Our role is just to make you aware that you have no limits.

But back to us and let’s get started right now! We don’t lose time !! 😉

Let’s go!!!

STEP 1 – What’s the real job situation today?

So, to understand all essence of the concept of Network Marketing, let’s just have a look a moment on how job works today, what they want us to believe and mostly what leverage effect is.

To split into workers, employees, managers, etc … they just getting paid for the hours they work for.
Therefore less hours less money, more hours more money, no hours no money, there is a limit.

According to the services you do you get money. Therefore the same concept of employee. YES! OK! Some more money, more freedom but where you have an injury or an any kind of problem and you can’t work you do not get any money. So, there is a limit here too.

In front of investments, risks and so many other factors that you all already know, with the employees you can significantly generate an higher movement of money. OK, you have no limits here, but with the economy where we find ourselves today you would always be on the brink of bankruptcy. Because of the huge tax burden, a State who penalises instead of incentives and a competition who always is more competitive than never as today supply is much bigger than demand.
So, no limits but huge risks.

With the right information you can generate large amount of money. YES ! Of course, considering that, as in a really short time you can make, in a short time you can lose and we don’t need to make examples. Wall Street is the first place with the highest number of suicides in the world. Ask yourself WHY!!
So, no limits but huge risks.



STEP 2 – The New Economy

So, as you’ll see the world is changing and we are coming ionto the New Economy. We have always been used to being wheels of the system that it told us to do all the same things.

– Going to school, graduation
– Looking for a job which you studied for (always if you are lucky )
– Working 40 years
– Retirement

Now the New Economy is changing the job’s world.
The fixed salary is disappearing and the work-for-hire contract is more and more protagonists.

YES ! You got that right it.

They all will be paid on targets they reach. A minimum basic salary as a fixed wage more bonus / commissions on targets achieved.

It is better for companies/businesses, they’ve got less fixed payments and they’ve got higher results from their employees.

This is a system already much used in the world, see SALES, MANAGER, etc….

Not to mention the waiters in USA, very low fixed monthly salary and they create their own wage with customers tips, therefore waiter is more motivated to work with greater commitment to satisfy customers to have a greater result, TIPS.



Look also the thousands of people who go trying to get those 5 jobs in the competition, poorly paid too !

So, we’ve just two options ..

We begin to pray waiting for something good from heaven (WATCHER) or we put ourselves into action in order to decide of our lives (PLAYER).

From here our slogan.


YES!!!!! Also because we are our pension, we are our future and for who has decided he does not want to be one WATCHER but rather a PLAYER,  next step will be that stimulus or idea you have lacked.

STEP 3 – The Network Marketing is better

The only way I know to not just survive but rather prosper in the new economy is Network Marketing.

Today there are products and services which need to be advertised to the people who need them.

Companies can jump into commercials, agencies, television stations, expensive sales force, or by the Network Marketing tell their story to the world.

More and more companies use the Network Marketing because it fits perfectly in the new economy. They can give all the corporate support and pay their distributors only according to productivity while they promote their products.

It is extremely efficient because in the New Economy, the visibility given by word of mouth continues to work better than the any other form of advertising.


Companies can use the money they would have spent to advertise and promote their p
roducts and services to pay their distributors for spreading the word.

What it means to you as a business owner is that you can get all the benefits of owning a traditional business without the typical risks. Rhis just because in Network Marketing you are entrepreneur of yourself.

And there will be no limits on your earnings, because the Network Marketing companies want you to earn as much as possible.

And if you still have to live according to your productivity, what would be the point living with the income limits?

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